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Cooking with the Movies enables readers to recreate the fabulous meals depicted in 14 all-time favorite "food" films.

Watch the authors prepare and serve the fantastic meal from "Babette's Feast."

"Interview with the Authors": click here to view video.

                                                                                                                                       What were Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet really eating in Titanic? Where can one find recipes for the life-changing delicacies featured in Chocolat or Like Water for Chocolat? Even if you weren’t on the set with Kate or Leo or Johnny, you can enjoy some of the same sumptuous feasts and intriguing cuisines as your favorite movie characters.

Food has always been a key ingredient on the big screen, yet no book has ever been devoted to recreating the meals served in famous films. Now, for film buffs—and anyone else whose mouth has watered over on-screen culinary delights—there is the delicious Cooking with the Movies: Meals on Reels.

Cooking with the Movies recreates featured meals from 14 noted feature films—including Babette's Feast, Big Night, Chocolat, Goodfellas, Tampopo, Titanic, and Tortilla Soup—that span a wide range of cuisines and cultures, from French to Mexican to Japanese. Each chapter provides the menu and full recipes for preparing and cooking the dishes depicted on screen, with photos of how each can be served. Along with precise directions, the authors analyze the importance of the foods served and the context of the meals in the storyline of the film. Illuminated with plot summaries, dialogue from the movies, and interviews with actors, Cooking with the Movies provides fascinating behind-the-scenes insights for "foodies" and film buffs alike.

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From The Midwest Book Review:

The collaborative work of film buffs and culinary enthusiasts Anthony F. Chiffolo and Rayner W. Hesse, Jr., "Cooking with the Movies: Meals on Reels" is a 227-page compendium showcasing recipes associated with on-screen dishes featured in fourteen Hollywood movies. The genres of these films ranges from Mafia gangster epics to romantic comedies to doomed ships at sea. Enhanced throughout with black and white illustrations, each selected work of cinematic art is provided with a succinctly descriptive introduction and synopsis, with occasional 'spoiler alerts' and 'fun facts', as well as an 'In Brief' summary including release dates, director, writer, and cast citations, as well as awards won. The recipes themselves (again, each one being taken directly from meals served as part of the featured film) span an impressive culinary spectrum ranging from Pan-seared Rare Steak (Goodfellas); Salmon with Mousseline Sauce and Cucumber (Titanic); and Barbequed Sweet Potatoes with Spicy Walnuts (What's Cooking?); to Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed with Guacamole (Tortilla Soup); Florentines with Whipped Cream and Fruit (Mostly Martha); and Lemon Poppy Seed Cake (Gosford Park). Supplemented with an informed and informative introduction, a list of abbreviations, a substantial bibliography, and a comprehensive index, a film enthusiast's delight and thoroughly kitchen cook friendly, "Cooking with the Movies: Meals on Reels" is especially recommended for film buff culinary shelves and community library cookbook collections.

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Stuffed Strawberries
Stuffed Strawberries are featured in the film "Gosford Park."

Asparagus Rolled in Proscuitto
An appetizer from the film "Mostly Martha."


• Recipes allow readers to recreate food from the movies
• Illustrations include stills from the movies, as well as photos of each dish
• Numerous sidebars highlight "fun facts" and other entertaining information

• Features hundreds of recipes for dishes that appear in 14 well-known films
• Discusses how food illuminates the characters and conflicts and advances the storyline of each film
• Covers a wide range of cuisines including French (several varieties); Italian (several varieties/regions); Mexican; Vietnamese; Japanese; Soul Food/Southern; English aristocracy; German bistro; and high-end American dinner fare

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Cailles en Sarcophage avec Sauce Perigourdine from the film "Babette's Feast."
Angler with Artichoke Hearts and Olives
Quail in Rose-Petal Sauce
Codornices en Petalos de Rosas is from the film "Like Water for Chocolate."

Cooking with the Movies includes complete recipes for meals from the following films:

Tampopo (Dandelion) (1985)

Babette’s Feast (Babettes gæstebud) (1987)

Goodfellas (1990)

Like Water for Chocolate (Como agua para chocolate) (1992)

Once Upon a Time … When We Were Colored (1995)

Big Night (1996)

Titanic (1997)

Chocolat (2000)

Dinner Rush (2000)

What’s Cooking? (2000)

Gosford Park (2001)

Mostly Martha (Bella Marta) (2001)

Tortilla Soup (2001)

Waitress (2007)


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Apple and Walnut Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette

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